Owen 16/03/2019
Fast service. Good product (Calum Kennedy - Round at Calum's), nicely presented. Blurb said most crackles removed - I'm no music buff but I couldn't hear any crackles. Next job is to look through the rest of the catalogue. Well done 123oldies! I'll be passing your URL on.
Barrie 21/01/2019
I have received the CD and played a couple of times, great recording thanks for the additional track as well. My John Miles collection is now complete
John 16/01/2019
Hi,great service and communication well happy with the two cds I ordered,thank you for quick response,kind regards John.
Jenny 22/10/2018
Another happy lady - been trying for years to find Jack Jones "Bread Winners" on a CD, excellent quality and extremely quick delivery, thank you. Hoping vinyl LP "What I Did For Love" will become available on a CD, will keep looking! Recommended.
Bryant Peterson 23/09/2018
Re; Jim Capaldi "Short Cut Draw Blood" Sounds real good. Fair price. Keep up the good work.
Jo Miller 09/05/2018
Bought the all aboard cd and couldn’t believe how quickly it arrived. Really chuffed with it. Thank you. Highly recommended.
Paul Reeves 01/05/2018
Fast friendly service. Great product. Recommended.
Paul 01/04/2018
I just received a 4th cd from 123 oldies. Catching up on my old 70s compilation recordings; am I really that old? Recommended.
Mike O'Dowd 26/03/2018
Thanks for the excellent copy of Godspell received last week. Bought back some happy memories - so am sending another copy to my cousin! Cheers for a great service
Paul Reeves 19/03/2018
Fast friendly and professional service. Great product of out of print CDs. Highly recommended. Cheers. Paul.
Georgina Clarke 13/02/2018
Have today received my two Jack Jones cds, am absolutely delighted.Service quick, quality brilliant. My only disappointment is that you don’t do any more of my old Jack Jones LPs that I’m trying to replace.Thank you again for such good service,you have made one lady very happy.
Caroline Dicker 22/01/2018
Wonderful to find such a selection of lost treasures. Ordering process was easy, delivery was fast and the emails kept me informed. Recommended 123oldies to family and friends. Transfer to digital has been done well, lost the crackles without losing the sound quality. CD has brought back many happy memories, I still remember all the words! Thank you.
Harry James 11/01/2018
As a grumpy old get I am more than cynical about online transactions but 123oldies are an honest, reliable vendor. The quality of service and goods provided were excellent. Thank you.
Peter Bacon 05/01/2018
For years I have been waiting for a CD release of Jack Jones 'Bread Winners'. For some reason the record company did not issue this LP on CD. It would surely have been a winner! How delighted I was your company issued the CD. The quality is really good and now I can enjoy this music on my CD and I have downloaded onto my MP3 player!
Chris Metcalfe 10/12/2017
Just received a CD recording of The Spinners (British Folk Group) “Sing out, shout with Joy!” I previously owned this album in cassette form, and before that as an LP. How brilliant it is to be able to hear it again. Many thanks!
Elaine 09/09/2017
I'd been searching for Jack Jones Breadwinners album on C.D.The sound quality is excellent and very quick service.I'll definitely use 123oldies again.
Les Howard 04/06/2017
Received my copy of Peter Skellern's 'Astaire' and I had it on vinyl which was played on high end hifi equipment. I must say that the 123Oldies CD copy is very good too. You could get a used, original Mercury label but could pay anything from £40 - £100 for it. Save your money and pay a tenner for it on here.
Joe K 26/05/2017
Just received my CD - Acupuncture by Burlesque. Many thanks for the quick delivery to the USA. The transfer from vinyl was very good. I had this album on LP too many years ago, and had about given up hope of finding it as a CD. Your service is excellent.
Shirley Henshaw 15/05/2017
Much to my delight, I was able to purchase from you Charlie Chester's Featherbed Fairy Tales for my granddaughter to enjoy; our own daughter loved them as a child (as we still do as adults). We also love the accompanying pieces of classical music.
Nick Clarke 03/04/2017
Thanks very much the sound quality is brilliant.
Suan Bentley 23/03/2017
CD arrived this morning. Daughter is delighted with it
Lynne Bent 14/03/2017
Just received my cd today. Fabulous! So many happy memories of my late husband singing along to this!! Thank you for your Sperrin service!!!
Kevin Hegarty 01/03/2017
Just to say thank you CD received now and one very happy woman. Amazing service thank you
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Received the two well packed cds today. Many thanks for your excellent, prompt and courteous service. Already recommended you to a friend!
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thank you so much for the really prompt delivery of the 2 cds I ordered. Well packaged too!
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Many thanks for the replacement cd, brilliant service and great response times.
Richard Fellowes 22/12/2016
Very pleased with my Spinners Xmas cd Great service Thank you.
Sarah Clarke 08/12/2016
I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the Spinners CD I bought. We listened to an old version of this on reel-to-reel every Christmas through the 70s and 80s but my Dad doesn't have it set up any more, so the tradition has died out. I have bought the CD as a surprise for him and I can't wait to give it to him. I think he is going to be over the moon. Thank you again for making this possible.
Richard Cowie 29/09/2016
I love my purchase of "A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS" & "FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE" sound tracks, great listening to it loud,also love and recommend B.A.Robertson as a blast from the past.Both CD are great sound quality and delivery was very quick.
martin bruton 29/09/2016
It plays perfectly thank you so much.
jacqueline antoine 05/07/2016
wow i cant thank you enough for my recent purchase of charlie chesters featherbed fairy tales!!! i grew up with this and now at 52 and a grandmother..it can be enjoyed by a few more generations ????
IAN MCKINNIE 28/06/2016
Delighted to find, and be able to purchase, the Jack Jones and Vic Damone CDs (rare items indeed). Also, many thanks for the absolutely first class, professional service.
Paul Johnston 30/03/2016
I have made one purchase from this site and received excellent customer service. I would recommend this site to anyone looking for a rare CD.
Mike Sinclair 01/03/2016
I recently ordered a copy CD of Ipi Tombi and thank you for the quality of the product and for your super service in executing the order.
Sam Black 26/02/2016
Happy with the quality. Fast service, thanks. Recommended.
Mavis Tyrer 10/02/2016
Just received the Jack Jones Breadwinners cd absolutely made up with it, been trying to find a copy everywhere. Actually went to see Jack at Floral Pavillion, New Brighton on Saturday, absolutely fabulous show, hope he comes back and does another show perhaps next year. Thank a lot. Mavis
Andy Faint 08/01/2016
Very pleased to listen to a great album from the 70s
Lynne 21/12/2015
Our children loved 'All Aboard when they were small so to be able to have it as a cd for our grandchildren is amazing...we looked everywhere for this on cd to no avail so were delighted to find it on 123 Oldies. Great service, great quality, very professional - highly recommended. Thank you!
Erica Lomas 01/12/2015
Just to let you know I have received my order today. I am delighted with the cd's and really impressed with your service, I will certainly use you again and recommend you to friends and family. Thank you so much.
Angela 27/11/2015
I cannot believe after so many years of looking i finally have a copy of charlie chesters featherbed tales. This was one of my favorite LPs as a child and to hear it again was wonderful, i bought this copy for my granddaughter in hope she will enjoy it as much as i did. Thank you to the moon and back you not only made my day but my mums to!!
Cherry Saward 31/07/2015
Great CD, quick delivery, will use again and recommend. thank you.
Pauline Clibery 12/03/2015
Many thanks very quick delivery and service would recommend 123oldies to anyone 10 out of 10
Paul Varty 12/02/2015
I am very impressed with you quick response and actions to remedy my initial disappointment. The true value of any business is how they deal and sort out problems when things don't go according to plan - and in this instance you have excelled.
Ken Frankland 09/02/2015
Kenny Everett Worlds Worst Records CD fantastic sound recording very fast prompt delivery looking forward to ordering again soon with full recommendation to others
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Hi got my cd's today thank you for the super fast service!
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Very impressed, fast delivery, perfect quality. Will definitely recommend. Many thanks
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Excellent rapid service - the quality of the recording is impossibly good.
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I'd like to congratulate you on a first class service. Very impressed, I will be recomending you to friends
Mike Fuller 14/07/2014
I had already transferred the LP to a cd myself but it still had the crackles and scratches from the original album so I thought I'd try the cd from here. Ordered on Saturday night and arrived Tuesday. But more importantly the sound was totally scratch free and virtually cd quality. Very happy with my purchase!
Diane Moore 18/06/2014
After years of searching, I finally found a BA Robertson album, Bully For You. Quick delivery and top quality edition of a great album. I'd forgotten quite how good it was. Super service and I am a seriously happy customer! Bully for Me!
Sam Coase 29/04/2014
I was very pleased with the quick delivery and the excellent sound quality of 'Beatrix Potter Stories', which I was charged to find for my Nephew. I was surprised to find the album, your site being the only positive search result. I am very impressed with your service. I will recommend every time!
Zakkie Mac 27/04/2014
I received my CD - "Slides" by Richard Harris - in super-quick time. This is an excellent service and I urge collectors to check out the great listings on the 123oldies site. This CD was made from the US release of the LP as the tracks are different "takes" from those on the UK version, and it also includes the additional final track of his 'Saviours' poem. It's all faithfully reproduced on this superb high quality conversion.
Paul Gillingham 14/04/2014
Wow! Tried to get "Breadwinners" but only seemed available on vinyl from USA. Chanced upon your site and there it was on CO. It arrived today and the sound quality is perfect. Your time from order to receipt of product was super fast as well. Thank you so much will definitely order from you again.
Barry Hicks 12/04/2014
Very speedy delivery on my danger uxb cd, I ordered it Friday night & it was with me on Monday morning, this cd brings backs many fond memories of a TV series that was in a class of its own, they don't make them like they used to, many thanks & hope to deal with you again sometime :)
Stuart Pole 24/03/2014
All excellent - rapid delivery, good value, immaculately 'packaged' CD, perfect CD sound (what vinyl original?)
Mrs Grange 10/02/2014
Thank you for the prompt delivery which I received this morning. Charlie Chester's featherbed fairy tales, and am delighted to be able to listen to these stories once again as they bring back such lovely memories. I have a young grandson who will enjoy the music & stories as I do. So glad I found your web site.
Chris Barker 16/01/2014
CD safely received in this morning's post -- you have one very happy customer both in terms of quality of the CD itself and the service.
Alan Richardson 30/12/2013
CDs arrived today and they sound great. I'd forgotten how good some of the early 70s albums were
Rupert Davis 12/12/2013
absolutely love the album…. Thank you very much…it’s wonderful to have on CD
Richard Collier 04/12/2013
Superb service, superb site. I seem to be 3rd person to comment on Jack Jones Breadwinners, so we can safely say 123oldies have made a lot of dreams come true with that one. Right, now I'm off to check for some more albums on here. Thanks again Richard
Allan M 13/11/2013
Absolutely delighted with the 2 CD's I ordered from you -- hearing the songs again after all these years has brought back lots of memories.
Phil Jeffery 28/10/2013
Received my copy of 'Bumpers' today and I am very pleased with it,what a superb and first class service you offer.
Sue 07/09/2013
I had given up all hope of ever hearing B.A.Robertson's Initial Success album ever again until my brother pointed me in your direction. I paid for the CD one day and received it the next. Straight out of the postie's hand into the CD player - all I can say is . . . . Brilliant! Great quality and great service - thanks!
Anne Wheeler 15/08/2013
The cd was received within 24 hours of ordering and it was like being reacquainted with an old friend! Great cd/quality and service....many thanks
G Henry 05/07/2013
The CD of Jack Jones "Bread Winners" has a fantastic sound quality. I even got the man himself to sign it for me yesterday! Thanks very much. :)
John Ford 13/05/2013
Ipi Tombi arrived today, only 2 days since ordering. I'd given up hoping I would ever hear this music ever again, and here it is, as clear as the first time I heard the record all those years ago. Many, many thanks. Any chance of producing Georges Delerue's soundtrack on CD for 'The Borgias' from the 80's - this would complete all that is missing from my childhood musical memories.
M Girling 20/04/2013
ordered two cd's that id been after for a while, arrived quickly and great to hear them again
Sheri 14/02/2013
delighted with copy of charlie chester cd I had 40 years ago, ordered on friday, arrived monday morning, very impressed as couldnt find on e-bay or amazon, many thanks
Paul Coughlan 12/01/2013
Thank you for the CD you recently sent to me. Jack Jones - Bread Winners. It is excellent.
Jon Carter 03/12/2012
Thank you so much for the two B.A.Robertson albums you did for me, especially 'Bully For You' with the brilliant first track 'Saint Saens'. I have been waiting years to hear that again as it is not available on his compilation album. The sound quality transfer is excellent and you have done a lovely job with the packaging. Thanks again.
Paul Wilson 17/11/2012
Exceptional service, received CD yesterday. Many thanks, been looking for a copy of this for ages.
Anna 14/10/2012
I have been after 'Making Toys' from Santa Claus the movie for years, so I was over the moon when I found this website. Cd came next day so very happy. Thanks
Elizabeth Driver 21/08/2012
I'm a very happy bunny! Playing it full bore, and driving my neighbours mad, ha ha. Thanks again.
Susan 15/06/2012
love it
Chris Munson 28/05/2012
My order received yesterday with no problem. Listening at the moment, fab and groovy!
Stefan E Asplund 28/04/2012
Very fast deliverance and a great job on the making of the cd. It sounds fantasic. Kevin Coyne is a musicul hero and this cd has never been released on cd!!! A thousand thanks...................
Georgina Hobbs 15/02/2012
Thanks very much for the Dogs in Space soundtrack which is hard to find elsewhere. Just need the dvd now!
Kath Davis 10/01/2012
I have just received a rare cd that I've been looking for for over 25 years. The sound is AMAZING considering it's been copied from vinyl, the price was extremely reasonable and the delivery was super fast. What more can I say. This company is brilliant! Will definately be using again and recommending. Thank you so much
Simon Sawyer 28/12/2011
I just wanted to say that the above CD arrived safely and I am listening to it as I write this. I have been magically transported back more than 40 years to my childhood. I have searched for years for a copy of this treasure.
Allison 02/12/2011
Just wanted to thank you for the CD. Really quick despatch and many happy memories
Mrs Partridge 17/10/2011
A very old classic that goes back to grandparents. Have searched high and low for this, something to share with our children. Was a nice surprise gift for my sister-in-law and my husband loved it. Excellent quick service. Quality of the recording is good considering it was from an LP. Thank you.
Finton 20/11/2010
Received my CD's today Friday after ordering late on Tuesday.Excellent service and quality of recording is great too. Thanks
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Very impressed with the service and quality. Thanks very much.
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Many thanks for a quick and speedy response to my query and the fast delivery time on the cd I purchased.This firm is fantastic, what else can I say except many many thanks
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An absolutely brilliant shop. Top quality transfer and production.With super swift service who could ask for more? Will definitely be using again and recommending.
Ken Broom 30/04/2010
Thank you for the very quick service. I have been trying to get this record/CD for about 45years as it has been deleted.