Peter Skellern - Happy Endings

Peter Skellern - Happy Endings

Lancashire Lullaby
Oh Boy Harold
Lancashire Lullaby (Reprise)
An Unexpected Visitation (From The BBC)
I’ll Love You Till I Die
Another Sinner On His Way
Jerusalem The Golden
I’ll Love You Till I Die (Reprise)
Municipal Melody
Don’t Look With Pity
Hello Is That You?
Daphne’s Catastrophe
Someday Soon
Slow Down
Someday Soon (Reprise)

This is a CD that has not been issued officially on CD. The sound has been remastered from a vinyl original, and digitally cleaned to remove most crackles. It has full track skip function like a commercial CD. It is supplied with front and back jewel case inserts, with spine labelling, printed on photo glossy card and cellophane sealed, and printed on the face of the CD.

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